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Welcome to Arpamedical 

ARPAMEDICAL is a high performance independent service organization offering pre-owned / used medical equipment, dedicated CT & MRI service and quality replacement parts to the medical imaging industry.  Backed by extensive OEM experience and quality focused attitude, the Arpamedical team has been delivering quality services and products to medical imaging customers all over Iran. We buy and sell preowned and used medical equipment including  cathlab, GE MRI & CT systems, and we offer MRI & CT service, deinstallations, installations & upgrades and replacement parts for  cathlab, MRI & CT. Whether you are a healthcare professional or a broker, we welcome you to our site. Feel free contact us with your questions and inquiries. We promise you a friendly voice and a knowledgeable response. Remember to ask about our service delivery plans.


"We mean service"

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Replacement Parts
  • Installations/Upgrade
  • Training
  • Site Management
  • Coldhead & Magnet Services

Equipment Maintenance

Replacement Parts


�  CT & MRI and CathLab maintenance agreements

�  On-Demand maintenance

�  In-House group support

�  Dedicated Technical Support

�  PACs System Support

�  Original OEM replacement parts

�  Refurbished replacement parts

�  New and used CT tubes

� Refurbished Coldheads, compressor and lines.

�  Ultrasound Probes 





Advanced Application Training


Professional installation is critical for the performance longevity of your system. We offer professional and experienced handling of your project; from site planning to final on-site applications' training of your technologists.

Ask about our System Evaluation services before purchasing your next system.

We offer Application training (MRI and CT) to our business partners. Classes are available on demand basis. Training usually consists of lectures and on-site training administered by an experienced technical specialist. 

Systems we support:




Site Management

Magnet Services



�  One telephone number to call

�  Professional site management team

�  System performance reports

�  Preventative maintenance tracking

�  Contract administration 


�  Specialized service tools

�  4K and 10K coldhead systems

�  Helium & Cryogen fills

�  Magnet cool down services

�  Keep-Cold storage 


RF Cage

Application Training


�  individual consulting

�  project planning according to your wishes

�  custom-made project planning

�  high product quality

�  unsupported and modular construction

�  interference free viewing window


We offer Application training (MRI and CT) to our business partners. Classes are available on demand basis. Training usually consists of lectures and laboratory time administered by an experienced technical specialist. 

Systems we support:

Equipment Buy & Sell

We buy and sell pre-owned medical systems; refurbished and used CT scanners and pre-owned MRI scanners.

Arpamedical offers you pre-owned and refurbished medical systems including CT scanners, MRI and CathLab systems. When purchasing quality refurbished systems, inspected by Our Engineers, you will enjoy faster return on your investment and financial savings. Our system inspection plans are tailored to each specific system and it is designed to identify potential problems with the system before its purchased.

We offer complete turnkey solutions by selecting quality used CT scanners and MRI systems. We perform detailed inspections on the systems prior to deinstallation to ensure performance tests meet or exceed OEM specifications and standards.

Whether you are working on upgrading your current CT scanner and/or MRI system or setting up a new facility, you will be pleased with the systems we offer. Quality is our first focus; we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Let us work with you to determine the type of systems you need for your business.

We will deliver your system anywhere utilizing proper transportation and rigging equipment.

please Contact Us to request information or inquire about our reasonable prices.

About Us

Arpamedical is an innovator in the medical imaging service field because of the wide array of customer-driven solutions we offer not only in Iran but also for entire Worldwide.

Arman Parto Tasvir was founded in 2004, by a group of experts in medical imaging facilities. At the beginning, this company has serviced  Cat lab systems. Currently, by recruiting of expert GE  engineers, ARPAMedical provides professional services to our customers.

The service offerings you can expect from Arpamedical include: on-demand maintenance services, custom service agreements, co-op agreements, equipment installation and de-installations, uptime guarantees, CT tube replacements, magnet ramp and shims, cold head service, advanced repair and refurbishing of MRI RF coils, upgrade for existing MRI, CT scanners systems, RF cage construction and more. In addition, we can offer technical and applications support, in-house or on-site advanced application training, and a wide selection of quality replacement parts. We tailor our solutions to suit your needs.

In addition to the innovative service and parts solutions we offer, Arpamedical can also offer you an extensive selection of, carefully selected, previously owned MRI, CT and CathLab systems. Whether you need a fixed or a mobile system, we can assist you from start to finish on your imaging project requirements including system purchase, site planning, relocation, installation and applications. From A-Z, Arpamedical experienced engineers will be your imaging project partner.

The driving force behind our success are the years of OEM training and experience of our employees. This, combined with our shared commitment to excellence, dedication to our customers and our spirit of innovation, amplify our customers' satisfaction and add to their bottom line results.
Please call us today at (+98) 021 26654563 to discuss your imaging requirements.

Contact Us

Mohammad Hashemi

Chairman of Boards
(+98) 912 215 1170

Kayvan Hashemi

Managing Director
(+98) 912 150 1960

Ali Khorsand

CathLab Modality Manager
(+98) 912 387 7074

Mohsen Homayoun

MRI Modality Manager
(+98) 912 830 4072

Alireza Hajimirza

CT Modality Manager
(+98) 912 845 1226

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